Current Openings

A. Recruitment Process and Guidelines

Job Openings

  1. Hiring Agencies empaneled with BVM have been awarded to conduct the hiring process as mentioned alongside each position under column (iii) above. Details of the online portal of the hiring agencies are as follows:
    Name of the Agency Online portal for phase-VII Online Application Start Date Online Application Closing Date
    SA Tech Software (I) Pvt Ltd. 18th Jan 2022 00:00 Hrs 5th Feb 2022 23:59 Hrs
  2. Online applications will be received by the respective hiring agency on their online portal from 18th Jan 2022. Last date of submission of the online application is 5th Feb 2022, as mentioned above.
  3. The hiring agency will invite and process applications and submit shortlisted candidates to BVM after screening and evaluation.
  4. BVM will not solicit or entertain direct application from any candidate. Any application submitted directly to Bihar Vikas Mission shall not be considered for recruitment.
  5. Auto-generated marks would be awarded to the candidate upon submission of online application according to the marking scheme of the position on the basis of information filled in the application by candidate.
    1. Auto-generated marks shall not be considered as final and will be further validated by the hiring agency and may be revised, if required, during the screening process.
    2. Marks awarded to the candidate at each stage of the screening process will be published by the hiring agency on its online portal.
  6. The candidates will be shortlisted for interview to be conducted by BVM in a minimum ratio of 1:3 of the available vacancies in respective categories in order of merit, as per the availability of candidates.
  7. The process of interview for shortlisted candidates recommended for interview by the hiring agency will be conducted by BVM. Final Selection will be done on the basis of marks awarded to the candidates at the time of the interview by the interview panel.
  8. Interviews will be conducted in offline mode. However depending upon the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Interviews may also be conducted in online mode.
  9. Terms and conditions as mentioned in HR Manual of Bihar Vikas Mission shall be applicable for the recruitment process and employment at BVM.
  10. As per clause 6.1 of Policy no. 18 of BVM HR Manual – “Rehiring of a separated employee will only be considered if he/she had not been terminated owing to misconduct/harassment/poor performance or other disciplinary issues”.
  11. As per clause 6.2 of Policy no. 18 of BVM HR Manual – “Employees currently working in a full time, permanent or contractual or part time capacity, in any NGO / Corporation / Society / Company / Department under the aegis of Government of Bihar will be eligible to apply for suitable relevant position with BVM only after submission of No Objection Certificate (NOC) from appropriate Controlling Officer at the time of application”.
  12. Mere qualification on essential criteria does not guarantee shortlisting for interviews. The Candidates must also qualify cut-off marks, wherever required as per the marking scheme, at the stage of screening. Only the candidates recommended by the hiring agency in the requisite ratio on the basis of merit will be called for an interview.
  13. The candidates appearing in interviews conducted by BVM should qualify the respective category-wise cut-off marks for final selection. The category-wise cut-off marks for qualification in the interview are published on BVM website at
    1. For positions wherever vacancies for PWD candidates have been identified, relaxation in cut-off marks for qualification in interviews will be provided. Cut-off marks for qualification in interview for PWD candidates, wherever applicable as per availability of vacancies, shall be the same as cut-off marks for SC / ST (Female) applicants.
  14. In case of tie of marks amongst two or more candidates, preference would be given to candidates falling within the preferred age criteria, as per the Job Description for the position.
    1. If the candidates belong to the same preferred age criteria, then preference would be given to candidates with lesser age.
  15. Post-qualification experience will be calculated from the next date (or first date of next month if only month is mentioned) of issue of mark sheet/degree certificate of the requisite educational qualification.
    1. Experience shall be considered till the date of issue of this notification in case of current employment
  16. NIRF 2021 ranking will be applicable wherever required as per the marking scheme for the position. NIRF 2021 ranking is available on
  17. Details mentioned in the CV of the candidate will not be considered on its face value. The candidate should ensure to submit supporting documents to clearly establish their claims against relevant experience or any other marking criteria, wherever required.

B. Guidelines for Filling Application Form

  1. Candidates, intending to apply, should ensure that they fulfill the eligibility criteria as specified in the Job Descriptions. he candidates should also ensure that they possesses knowledge and skills required for the position and the suitably qualified and capable to handle Key Accountabilities identified for the position.
  2. The applicants are required to submit the duly filled online application before the closing date. The online applications received after closing date and time will not be considered.
  3. Only one Application should be filled for one post by an applicant. The candidates, who wish to apply for more than one position, should submit a separate completely filled application for each post along with relevant documents.
  4. The Candidate must produce all the relevant documents in original and submit photocopy of the documents in support of their identity and eligibility - pertaining to Reservation Category, Permanent Residence, PWD, Grand Son / Daughter of Freedom Fighter, Date of Birth, Educational Qualifications, relevant work / professional experience etc. as filled with application form; as and when required by BVM at any stage during the recruitment process (such as interview, joining etc.).
    1. In case the documents are available with candidate in soft copy only such as those related to relevant work-experience / online courses etc., then the candidate shall be required to produce the originating source / email along with the document. Non-submission of relevant originating source / email documents will invalidate that particular document related to relevant work – experience / online courses etc. and may result into rejection of candidature.
  5. If the documents submitted / produced by the candidate are vague / dubious i.e. multiple letters with same date/ issue number, documents without sign / date etc. then such documents shall not be considered.

C. General conditions / instructions for candidates

  1. For eligibility requirements, marking criteria and other details related to the positions, candidates are advised to refer Job Description and Marking Scheme for the position which is available on the online portal of the respective hiring agency.
  2. Candidate must maintain a valid email ID and Mobile Number which they have provided in their application form throughout the recruitment process.
  3. The recruitment will be done on contractual basis for a period of 3 years. Fresh contract will be issued every 11 months and will be subject to employee performance review in accordance with terms and conditions of HR Manual of Bihar Vikas Mission (
  4. Decision of BVM will be final and binding on the candidate. The Mission reserves the right to cancel any or all positions mentioned, without assigning reasons.
  5. No TA/DA will be given by BVM for attending the interview for any position.
  6. Date of Birth (DOB) as indicated in the Matriculation certificate / mark sheet shall only be considered for calculation of age.

D. Reservation Guidelines

  1. Benefit of reservation will not be provided to the candidate who have not claimed it in their application form by submitting required details and documents at the designated place.
  2. As per the guidelines provided by GAD, Bihar vide circular no. 70 dated 11.06.96 and as mentioned by BVM HR (Management) in the requisition for phase-VII positions vide Letter No. 330 dated 22-11-21, “Benefit of reservation will be admissible to only those applicants who are permanent residents of the state of Bihar”. Benefit of reservation on the basis of caste will be applicable to applicants who are a permanent resident of Bihar. The benefit of reservation will not be applicable to candidates who are residents of a state other than Bihar. Permanent Address filled in the application form shall be considered as place of permanent residence for the purpose of reservation. For the above said reservations, it will be mandatory for applicants to submit / produce the certificate of permanent residence.
  3. Candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are mandatorily required to produce the following documents:
    1. Caste Certificate (जाती प्रमाण-पत्र)
    2. Permanent Residence / Domicile certificate (स्थायी निवासी / मूल निवास प्रमाण-पत्र)
  4. Candidates belonging to Backward Class / Extremely Backward Class are mandatorily required to produce the Non-Creamy Layer (NCL) certificate (क्रीमीलेयर रहित प्रमाण-पत्र). For such candidates, the non-creamy layer certificate and permanent residence certificate issued from circle officer / revenue officer notified by the state government of the place of permanent residence of the candidate shall only be considered as valid.
    1. Currently valid NCL Certificate or previously issued NCL certificate with self-declaration in form-XVIII B (issued by GAD, Bihar vide letter number 15440 dated 05-12-17) must be submitted along with the application form by applicants who are claiming benefits of reservation under EBC and BC Categories.
  5. Caste Certificate / Non-Creamy Layer certificate to be submitted by married women applicant claiming the benefit of reservation shall be required to be issued in name and address of her father and not in the name of her husband. Benefit of reservation will not be provided if the Caste Certificate / Non-Creamy Layer certificate submitted by married women applicant is issued in name of her husband.
  6. Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) – As per Notification No. 2622 dated 26-02-19 issued by General Administration Department, Bihar, 10% reservation shall be provided to candidates belonging to EWS category, as per availability of vacancies mentioned above in table of vacancy status for phase – VII positions. The Income & Asset certificate to be produced by the candidates belonging to the EWS category should be issued from competent authority in Schedule – I (Form – I) as annexed with the above-mentioned notification else the benefit of reservation for EWS will not be provided. Candidates from outside the state of Bihar cannot claim reservations under this rule.
    1. The Income & Asset certificate to be submitted by EWS candidates should be issued on the basis of income and assets for FY 2020-21.
  7. Persons with Benchmark Disabilities (PWD) – As per Notification No. 962 dated 22-01-2021 issued by the General Administration Department, Bihar, 4% horizontal reservation shall be applicable to Persons with Benchmark Disabilities (PWD), as per availability of vacancies mentioned above in table of vacancy status for phase – VII positions. Candidates claiming such reservation should possess requisite certificate issued from the competent authority in the appropriate format and submit the same with their application, else the benefit of reservation for PWD candidates will not be provided.
  8. 35% Horizontal Reservation for Women – As per Notification No. 2342 dated 15-02-2016 issued by the General Administration Department, Bihar, 35% horizontal reservation shall be provided to women candidates, as per availability of vacancies mentioned above in table of vacancy status for phase – VII positions.
  9. 2% Horizontal Reservation for Grandson / Granddaughters of Freedom Fighters Fighters – As per Notification No. 2526 dated 18-02-2016 issued by the General Administration Department, Bihar, 2% horizontal reservation shall be provided to grandson / granddaughters of freedom fighters whose pension has been approved by central government, as per availability of vacancies mentioned above in table of vacancy status for phase – VII positions.
    1. Candidates claiming such reservation should possess requisite certificate issued from District Magistrate or their authorized officer of home district at the time of application and submit the same with their application. The certificate should be issued in format as annexed with Notification No. 11687 dated 30-08-2016 issued by the General Administration Department, Bihar. (Identity card of successor of Freedom Fighter will not be considered).
  10. Candidates belonging to the reservation categories shall fill the application form upon being completely satisfied about their caste and category. The candidates should possess the requisite certificate as per their respective category issued from competent authority at the time of filling application and same should be submitted with the application form.
  11. In case of any error in claim of reservation category or the document submitted by the candidate, the claim of candidate for reservation shall not be considered and the candidate will be treated as “Unreserved” category candidate.

Job Openings